Hangzhou "The First City of Digital Economy" Wonderfully Appeared in Zhejiang Fair
Source: Zhejiang OnlineAuthor: Zhou XianjinPosted: 2020-06-20

From October 18th to 20th, the 4th Leisure Expo and the 21st West Expo (Wisdom Expo and Telecommunication Expo) were held in Hangzhou International Expo Center. This afternoon, Zhou Jiangyong, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, stressed during the tour that we must uphold the concepts of internationalization, high-end, branding, and market-oriented meetings, focus on building the first digital economy city in the country, lead the development trend of the times, and display the characteristics of the city. Charm, stimulate innovation and create a better life. Xu Ming, Jin Zhi and Hu Wei participated.

Different from previous years, this year's break expo and west expo adhere to the market-oriented operation of investment and investment promotion, highlight Hangzhou's characteristic industries, focus on showing high-quality smart life, create the core structure of "four exhibitions and one exhibition", attract more exhibitors and Professional audience actively participated. "Four Expos" means the 4th World Leisure Expo, the 1st China (Hangzhou) International Intelligent Product Expo, the 1st China (Hangzhou) International Food Expo, and the 6th China (Hangzhou) International E-Commerce Expo; "One Exhibition" is 2019 Asia Design Management Forum and Life Innovation Exhibition. Zhou Jiangyong first came to the E-commerce Expo, walked into Enshi Prefecture, Beibei Group and other exhibition areas, communicated with exhibitors and visitors, learned about the online and offline product sales, and praised enterprises for their active participation in the poverty alleviation work of e-commerce. He said that greater efforts should be made in technological innovation and model innovation, focusing on new retail, digital trade and the industrial connection of enterprises, and building a one-stop closed-loop e-commerce industry ecological chain. It is important to serve the society as an important mission for enterprises, and better fulfill their social responsibilities and play a greater role in promoting targeted poverty alleviation.

The city brain makes the city more "smart", the fluorite smart home scene mode makes life simple, and the blessing badminton robot is smart and interesting...Entering the Smart Product Expo, hundreds of digital economic samples and smart products are dazzling and competing Features. Zhou Jiangyong is interested to experience the future city life scene with citizens, and feel 5G speed and AI intelligence. He pointed out that it is necessary to make good use of the smart product expo platform, accelerate the development of new industries, new formats and new models, promote the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy, and further strengthen the digital economy and the “dual engine” of high-quality manufacturing development.

The World Leisure Expo has invited more than ten countries and regions such as Italy to promote and exchange leisure features, tourism resources, brand enterprises and leisure culture of foreign cities, and display and sell special leisure products. Zhou Jiangyong watched while walking and discussed with exhibitors from time to time the new trend of urban leisure industry development. He said that it is necessary to effectively promote exchanges and cooperation between enterprise institutions and cities, and strive to promote the integration of cutting-edge technology into clothing, food, housing and transportation, so that people can enjoy a more convenient and more beautiful life.